Clan Smith Society publishes a small newsletter called Forge Ahead, which comes out about four times a year.  Peggy and Newman Smith are the compilers of the newsletter.  We took the name for our newsletter from the title of an editorial that member Dan Smith wrote for the publication The Scottish Banner.

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Forge Ahead






Page Two:        Clan Smith 2010
                                2010 Greenville Games
                                2010 Gatlinburg Games

Page Ten:  A note from the editors
                       Important notice
                       Contact information





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Page Six and Seven:      Debbie and Mike Clark's Tour of Scotland!








Page Three:  Modern Smith Tartan Kilt for Sale!
                            Descendant of Snoda Smith!
                            A Real Modern-Day Blacksmith!




Page Nine:      News from Cameron Renay Smith
                            News from Lady Sandy Smith-Distel


Page Eight:      News from Robert Worden 
                              Conclusion of "Gathering" article
                              Black's Surnames of Scotland Going Out of Print


Page Four and Five:    Genealogy Corner: 
                                               Descendants of James Smith of Ireland 

You can now read our entire Clan Smith Society newsletter on line!  In addition there are more pictures and additional articles in the on line version.  Below is the Spring 2009 Edition!  Be sure to check back from time to time and go to the page called Last Minute News for more interesting articles, news from members, and photographs!  Just click on the page number to the left for the link to the corresponding page in the newsletter.

Page One:   2010 Games and festivals schedule
                                2010 Annual Meeting to be held at Gatlinburg Games
                          Picture and article from The Gathering in Scotland by 
                          member James Clyde


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