Descendants of James Smith of County Down, Ireland)












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Please check this site often,  as we plan to add many more genealogies of our members in the weeks and months to come.  These have in some cases already been printed in past newsletters,  but in some cases we may have additional information.  They are listed in various forms.  Some are simple information lists and others are in the form of Family Tree Maker,  which is the kind of software we have for our database.



Descendants of William Smith of Ireland  

Descendants of George Washington Britten McClellan Smith, born 1864 in Union, IL


Descendants of Jarvis Smith of North Carolina 

Descendants of Gow Smith, born in Scotland  











Interesting Article about Scottish Smith DNA Tesing Information
















Descandants of James Smith, born in Ireland 1796-7, lived in Clarke, Alabama

Descendants of Three Sets of Smiths!  Ancestors of member Bob Thomas 

Descendants of Robert Smith and Christian Mcintosh 
who married November 6th, 1785 in Inverness, Scotland

Descendants of John Jordan Smith of Maryland

Descendants of Robert Smith of Scotland

Descendants of Richard Smith, possibly of Scotland

Descendants of John Smith of Halifax County, NC  

Emery Smith, founder of Clan Smith Society  family tree and history  (Descendants of Alfred Smith)

Descendants of  Daniel Smith, born 1787 in Inverness Shire, Scotland 

Descendants of Joseph Smith, born 1729 in Middlesex, VA

Descendants of Alexander Smith from Glasgow, Scotland  

Genealogies of Clan Smith Society Members