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Scottish Smith DNA Information

*There has been quite a lot written about Familytree DNA testing, and one of our members, Arden Inabinette, has
been kind enough to keep us posted on what she has learned about DNA testing in her family, and about DNA testing in 
general. So we are including some of her correspondence to fill you in on some facts that she has learned about family tree
DNA testing. We appreciate Arden's sharing her information with us. Arden writes:

Hello Peggy,

I talked to someone at Familytree DNA and got a little bit of information. If Clan Smith Society wanted to be part
of a DNA study, Familytree DNA would talk to one of the Scottish Dual Geographic groups and see if they would take
"us"under their wing so to speak. Anyone who was testing, would get a discount on their tests; don't know exact figures. I
don't know about other folks who might have already tested, but our DNA does not match up with any of the "Smith"
groups already up and going. But, we do match to the Scottish strands. The lady explained it to me this way---DNA is like
coffee, it comes in many flavors---ours happens to be the Scottish flavor! At least I know I'm not barking up the wrong tree!

Later Arden wrote

...Hello Peggy,

I told you that I'm slow----but finally, here is the link that you need to get the "existing group rate" for the DNA

What I found out from Family Tree DNA, is that to get the discounted rate on the testing, you go to the group
that you want to be in and request the testing from their group site---so, that is what this is. I think it saves about $50. on
the initial 12 marker test, etc. Anyone who does this will probably want to start with more than the 12 marker, since the
12 basically just tells you country of origin----and we assume we are all Scot! I was concerned that someone would need to
keep track of who wanted to do it, etc, but everyone just does it on their own and then waits for the results to show up!
Then you have to figure it all out as you go along, but it begins to make sense after a while! It's fun! 

Take care! Cheers! 
Arden Inabinette

If any of our members are interested in this, please let us know, or you can email Arden Inabinette for more
information at: