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News from Our Members during 2007 and 2008


Arthur Smith Graduates!


Congratulations to Arthur Smith of Forfar, Scotland,  upon his graduation from Arbroath, Scotland in October 2007 with a degree in Sports Coaching and Development!  He is pictured in the photographs at left and below.


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For Newman and me it has been a busy year.  We very much enjoyed the Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and Games in 2007.  This was the only Scottish event that we had the opportunity to attend.  We only got to attend on Saturday,  and we really missed being there on Sunday,  but that afternoon was the farewell picnic for our beloved friend and pastor Rev. Eric Rieger and his wife Marion at our church.  After six years of being the pastor at our church,  Gatlinburg First United Methodist Church,  they were being moved to a larger church in Knoxville.  So this was a very important Sunday in the life of our church and in our own personal lives. 

At the games, however,  we enjoyed getting to visit with other Clan Smith Society members and other old friends from other Clans too. 

One interesting thing that happened to Peggy was to discover that she and Mark Smith are distant cousins on her father's side of the family!  No relation to Smiths,  but interesting nonetheless.  What do Peggy, Mark, and Elvis have in common?  The same great, great, great, great grandfather!

The weather was good and it was wonderful to hear the pipes and other Scottish music of the weekend.

We had wanted to go to Grandfather Mountain last year,  but when July came something was happening with Newman that turned out to be that one of his four by-passes had completely occluded and disappeared,  leaving his right arterial artery over 90 per cent blocked.  In August the surgeon put in a medicated stent,  which helped some,  although, unfortunately,  it did not completely fix the circulation as had been hoped.  Still,  Newman is busy working in our shop and making knives and when not there,  tending to trustee things at our church,  which he also enjoys.  Peggy stays busy between scrimshaw and being music director/choir director/organist at our church,  which she loves doing.  We both are very thankful for each new day.

We hope that some of our members will be able to make it to the 2009 Gathering of the Clans in Scotland.  It sounds like a wonderful event. 

Meanwhile,  we hope that all of you in Clan Smith Society have a wonderful year!