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We received the following request from Clan
Smith Society member, Bill Smith of Loganville, Georgia,
and we are printing it here in case any of you are interest-
ed in purchasing this kilt, which sounds like an excellent
buy for whomever it will fit. Contact information for
Bill is printed below. You can find a larger picture of the
kilt on the Clan Smith Society website. Good luck, Bill,
in finding a buyer for your beautiful kilt!

Hello again,

I was writing to see if I could get a post in the next
newsletter or on the website.

My kilt has either shrunk or I have outgrown it and
I am betting on the second. I have a modern smith tartan
kilt, made in Scotland, all wool pleated kilt in size 38 waist.
I have a 30 leg in jeans and should fit someone compatible
in height. It is in immaculate condition, stored in a garment
bag, and only worn less than 10 times. I found eBay
difficult to post with and thought I might have better luck
through the clan society. I would appreciate any assistance
you can offer. It was originally purchased through

I am only asking $200 for it.

Please also update my contact info.

Bill Smith
3761 Alexander Crossing
Loganville, GA 30052

Thank You!

Bill in his kilt is pictures below...

Modern Smith Tartan Kilt for Sale!

A Real Modern-Day Blacksmith!




Descendant of Snoda Smith!





We received the following email from member, Stuart James Ulseth,  who is also a modern-day blacksmith!

Dear Newman, 

Thank you for the welcome letter and membership card. I am proud to have joined. While I may not carry the last name of Smith, you may find it interesting to know that I apprenticed as a blacksmith in 1992 with Dave Brown on Glades Road. It is still in the hobby stage but I've performed demonstrations
recently at the Ramsey House in Knoxville. The attached photos are from the Tennessee Statehood Day at Ramsey House.   You are welcome to publish them in the newsletter, if you desire. Thank you, again. 


Stuart James Ulseth

See picture below of Stuart James Ulseth working
at his forge as a blacksmith!



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We were very excited to receive the following letter
from the husband of now-member Snoda Smith Hendricks,
who is a descendent of Alfred Smith of Scotland. We are
sure that she and Dr. Hendricks would enjoy very much
hearing from any of you other descendants of Alfred

My wife is descended from the Smith's of Moore
County, NC. Her grandmother was Snoda Smith (my wife,
Snoda was named after her). Snoda was dtr of Noah Smith,
son of Alfred Smith who emigrated from Scotland according
to Emery Smith's history and genealogy. I am going to talk
with her about joining your society. You might be interested
in the fact that our son, Nathaniel plays bagpipes! I would
love to get in contact with Emery Smith, III or any other
relatives of this particular family to exchange genealogy
info. If you would forward my email to him
(, or his to me, I would appreciate

Paul M. Hendricks, MD 
(grandson-in-law of Snoda F. Smith Wilson!)