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...Things around here have been a wee bit crazy as
well. My husband has been a little gimpy, unfortunately he is having to use a cane every once in awhile which he really hates. We are expecting a new grandchild on Dec 9th, and possibly another one this summer. 

Our youngest grandson Connor Matthew turned a
year old on March 28th. It is hard to believe that he is a
year old now. I will see if I have a new photo of him and
send it. My daughter is the one who is expecting the new
baby. I will see if I have some photos and I will send them to you and then you can decide which ones you wish to use on the newsletter. 

My husband, myself, and my stepson have formed a
new business. Our business is a wholesale liquor business. I am the VP of Marketing and Sales and it isn't as easy as a lot of people think. We are hoping to get involved with the Highland Games here in Nov. Our business is called CROESUS LIMITED, LLC, Wholesale Liquor Distributor for Arizona. We are hoping to expand into Texas and New Mexico in 2011. Who knows maybe we should try to come there. 

...On Valentines Day my daughter and husband gave
me a wee dog (Lhaso Apso) she is really cute. Her name is Ireland, and I am going to get another one at the end of the month. She will be completely white with a small spot of tan on her head, but she is competely white though. I will attache a photo of Ireland on here.
I will attache some of the photos from our past
2009 Highland Games here in Tucson. 

My step-son who I consider my son is getting
married July 17, 2010 in Jamica. To his long time girlfriend of about 8 years. His name is Ryan Distel and her name is Dara Omar, they will be wed July 17th in Jamica. That is all I know at this time. We are hoping to go, however it depends on how much work I have here. Let me know about the highland games in Gatlinburg. I will send another email with more photos. ....

more from Lady Sandy....
Photos 5403, 04 and 06 are from my last film called
"Sane Like Me", where I portray a psychiatrist. The fim before that was called "Fresh Canned Help" I portrayed a psychiatristic patient. After "Sane Like Me" I started the business with my husband. The Fresh Canned photos are labeled. 

Photo 1832 is three of my 16 grandchildren. 

The photo that says Grandpa Smith, he is my
grandfather. his name was Joel Claud(e) Smith. He was
born in Ridgway, IL and then his family moved to
Shawneetown, IL. If I could find someone who could help
me locate my family on his side it would be great. 

If you post his photo maybe someone will recognize him. 
Well I will try and send more news when I can.

Thank you. 

Lady Sandy 

(the photograph of Lady Sandy's "Grandpa Smith" is
pictured to the left of this column, and other pictures
she mentions are on the Photographs page of the
website at 
Member Cameron Renay Smith with son Gavin Malcom Alexander Smith and daughter Sabrina Noelle Smith

        News from Cameron Renay Smith

Hello Peggy....

I'm very glad to get this e-mail, as my dues are
overdue and I'd almost forgotten about them!! My wife and I have moved several times in the past couple of years, so I need to update our current mailing address, as well as letting you know of two additions since I joined the Society!! They are Gavin Malcolm Alexander Smith, born April 13th, 2008 and Sabrina Noelle Smith, born December
8th, 2009 (the attached picture is of the two children and myself).

Looking forward to the latest newsletter!!


Cameron R. Smith

Congratulations, Cameron, on the two bonny
wee bairnies! Thank you also for the wonderful
photograph pictured above!



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