Member James Robert "Bob" Thomas, of Saginaw, Texas, sent us this fascinating family tree. He comes from three
lines of Smiths! In the next several pages we will give basic information about these three lines of Smiths. Thank you, Bob, for the interesting history you have sent to us. If any of you out there find a connection to his family tree, please let us know! His family's migration route is a very familiar one to many of our members' ancestors.
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Descendants of John Jordan Smith of Maryland


John Jordan Smith was born about 1698 in Maryland. He married Susannah Jenkins, born after 1746 in
Maryland. John Jordan Smith died before December 13, 1776 in Maryland. His widow, Susannah Jenkins Smith, died
sometime after 1776 in Maryland.

Their son Matthew Smith, was born about 1745 in Maryland, and died before April 1775 in Maryland. He
married Margaret (no last name known) who was born about 1750. 

Their son Edward Smith, Sr. was born about 1769 in Maryland and died after may 1858, USA. He married 
Jane Alexander, who was born about 1775 in South Carolina, and died after August 1850 USA.

Their daughter, Mary Jane Smith, was born about 1811 in South Carolina, and died about 1890 in Vernon,
Alabama. She married Jeremiah C. "Jerry" Rector, born February 1, 1809 USA and died November 14, 1875 in 
Alabama. ( Jeremiah Rector was the grandson of Capt. Robert Cleveland, who was a hero at the Battle of King's
Mountain and the brother of Col. Benjamin Cleveland. Bob has a photograph of Mary Jane Smith and Jeremiah Rector's
burial monument.)

Their daughter Mary Jane Rector was born December 5, 1835 in USA and died July 18, 1917 in USA. She
married Joel S. Hankins, born February 5, in Alabama and died August 26, 1903 in USA.

Their son David B. Hankins was born Dec. 1858 USA and died Sept. 1939 USA. He married Sarah F. Barnes,
born June 15, 1866 USA, on February 5, 1885 USA. Sarah Barnes died Nov. 23, 1951 USA

Their daughter Mary Jane Hankins was born April 4, 1887 in Alabama and died June 5, 1972 in Alabama. She
married William M. Thomas, born Jan. 5, 1889 USA on Nov. 18, 1906 in USA, He died on Jan. 1, 1981 in USA.

Their son James Sandlin Thomas was born Feb. 15, 1924 in Alabama. He died on August 24, 1995 in Alabama.
He married Doris Louise Smith, born Sept. 3, 1926 in Arkansas, on March 2, 1946 in Arkansas. 

Their son is James Robert "Bob" Thomas.

                                              Descendants of Clark Smith of Oklahoma

Clark Smith was born Nov. 12, 1842 in Georgia and died Feb. 29, 1912 in Jefferson County, Oklahoma. He is
buried at the Cornish Cemetery in Jefferson Co., OK. He enlisted in the Confederate Army on March 7, 1862 at 
Sarepia, Mississippi. Bob has his military records. Clark Smith's father was born in Georgia and his mother was born in
Alabama, but their names are unknown at this time. Clark Smith married unknown.

Clark Smith's son James Thomas Smith was born May 13, 1861 in USA and he died Dec. 30, 1947 USA. On
November 28, 1886 in USA he married Mary Blalock/Blaylock, who was born Sept. 1869 in USA, and died after 1930
in USA.

Their son Benjamin F. Smith was born Nov. 21, 1887 in USA and died May 5, 1958 in USA. On Aug. 21, 
1904, in USA, he married Verona Ophelia Young, born April 8, in USA and who died May 5, 1981 in Arkansas.

Their daughter Doris Louise Smith married James Sandlin Thomas, and is the mother of Bob Thomas.

                                               Descendants of Thomas Smith of Virginia

Thomas Smith was born about 1675 in Virginia an he died about 1748 in Virginia. Wife's name unknown

His son John Smith was born about 1710 in Virginia and died about 1772 in North Carolina. He married Sarah
born 1718 in Goochland, Virginia, and died 1775.

His son John Smith was born about 1750 in Halifax, North Carolina and died about 1805 in USA. John married
Phereby Turner, born about 1770 in North Carolina and died about 1825 in USA.

(John Smith's will was probated Oct. 9, 1821 when all heirs became of age. Bob needs a copy of John Smith's will
which is said to be in the Anson County Deed Book T page 335 and also the Index to Anson County Wills 1750-1900.)

Their daughter Nancy Smith was born about 1798 in Anson County, North Carolina and died after 1850. She
married Ralph G. Alsobrooks, born about 1789 in Georgia and died after 1858