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My characters came alive to me and I just followed their

Although Dan was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, he comes from southern parents who he says "gave me the traits of their own heritage from which I am very  proud." Dan and his wife Marti have lived for the past 15 years in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, where they have made their home. They have two grown children who live in Europe. Dan is also an avid hiker who enjoys the Great Smoky Mountains and, as he says, "just being out in  nature." 

Dan also writes a bi-weekly editorial column for The Mountain Press, which is the daily newspaper for the Gatlinburg and Sevier County area.

If you would like a copy of Dan's book, you can contact him by email at or you can call him at 865-430-5001. We also have a link on our website about the book. You can also follow the link. The book is $15.00 plus $4.00 for shipping and insurance.

Dan is already at work on his second novel!

We are very honored to have a man of so much talent and knowledge as member, convener, and treasurer
of Clan Smith Society!









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Dan Makgow Smith Publishes First Novel!                                  




Dan Makgow Smith, treasurer and convener for Clan
Smith Society has published his first book of fiction entitled 
So Far From Forfar. 

It is an exciting read about a man named Malcolm Macgow, a blacksmith, who lives in 1600s Scotland with his son Ian. The book takes the reader to the highlands of Scotland, and then to the American colonies where Malcolm's brother is accused of being in league with the Salem witch crowd.
The book combines history, adventure, romance, intrigue, a mysterious organization, and the story of one family up to the present day as they discover their fascinating family history with roots in Scotland.

Dan's book was published last year by AuthorHouse
Press. He says that for many years he had contemplated
writing a book, but he didn't think that he had enough to say.
Any of you who have talked with him for any length of time
knows that he is well-versed in history and that he brings to any subject a good background of knowledge in history, especially Scottish, as well as Southern history. 

Dan explains, " It is my love for Scotland that gave me
encouragement to put pen to paper and see what I had in me as a novelist. I found that the words would flow as if someone were telling me what to write next and where the book should go.