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                       Why we need a new center

Increasing visitor numbers means new facilities are needed at the battlefield. The National Trust for Scotland built the current centre in 1984 and it has already been extended a number of times. We have reached capacity and we struggle to cope with the number of visitors at peak times. 

More than 200,000 people visit the battlefield every year, although less than half of them visit the centre. The new
centre will allow us to attract more people to the centre and
engage them with the story of Culloden. 

Culloden continues to attract visitors from all around the world, interested in the different aspects of the Jacobites, the battle itself and its bloody aftermath. Some of these visitors have Scots ancestry and are tracing their roots. Others are attracted by romantic tales of the Jacobite cause or want to visit a battlefield which is known throughout the world for its haunting atmosphere.

Whatever their reason for visiting, we want to give them an interesting and thoughtful experience, in an environment of exceptional quality. 

                            The Memorial Project

The new visitor centre is being built 200 metres to the south of the current centre which will remain open throughout the construction period. 

The centre is being built on a gentle slope and will be almost hidden from the battlefield. Locally sourced oak and Caithness slabs will feature prominently in its construction. 

Sustainability and environmental considerations have been of prime importance when we considered the design and
construction of the new building. 

We will source materials locally, such as the oak cladding and the Caithness slabs. The centre will be heated by a biomass plant which will burn wood fuel from local sustainable sources. These are likely to be wood chips which are a bi-product of the local forestry industry.

A long wall rising from the Government line will dissect the new building and provide a screen for the new car park. 

The building is being designed by Gareth Hoskins Architects. 

                              Inside the New Center

A long wall rising from the Government lines will divide the building into two distinct areas. The new exhibition will be on the battlefield side and all other support facilities will be on the other side and therefore screened from the battlefield. 

The exhibition space alone within the new centre is around the same size as the whole of the existing centre. In addition there will be an education room, with space for living history presentations as well as retail, caf* and toilet facilities. 

Working closely with historical and archaeological experts throughout the project, we hope to use stories of actual people involved in the campaign to tell the story of the lead up, the battle itself and its aftermath. 

The Culloden Battlefield Memorial Project is being made
possible thanks to generous part-finance from the Scottish
Executive, through VisitScotland, in celebration of Scotland's
Year of Highland Culture 2007, and the European Union
through the European Regional Development Fund.





    Culloden Battlefield and Memorial Project

The following is an article taken from the
Internet about the Culloden Battlefield and Memorial
Project. Clan Smith Society has participated in this project
by purchasing one of the stones to bear the name of Clan
Smith Society.  Because some of our members do not
have access to the Internet, we wanted to include the 
following article and information about this project so
that you all would be aware of this project, which we feel
is a very worthwhile project to commemorate this
historical event which changed history. Some of our
readers may even be interested in purchasing their own
stone in memory or in honor of someone. On our website
we have links with more pictures and information, but
for all of you who do not have access to the Internet we
have listed contact information by mail at the end of the
article about the Culloden Walk on the next page...

    Culloden Battlefield and Memorial Project

Culloden is an iconic and emotive battlefield. Even today,
tmore than 250 years after the Jacobite army faced the Government troops on this bleak and windswept moor, the events of that day remain deep and significant in the
national psyche of the Scottish people.

Acknowledging this, The National Trust for Scotland is planning an exciting and innovative new visitor centre at the site. This will allow us to present with dignity and objectivity the dramatic events surrounding the battle.

                        More about the Battle

The battle that took place here on 16 April 1746
effectively ended Jacobite hopes of restoring the exiled
Stuart dynasty to the throne of Britain. The army of Prince
Charles Edward Stuart was crushed by Government forces
led by the Duke of Cumberland. In less than an hour "the
time it takes to walk round the battlefield" it was over.
The brutal measures imposed after the battle signalled the
end of the distinctive way of life and culture of the
Highland people of Scotland. 

There are many websites and organisation relevant to the Jacobite uprisings and we have included some links to
help you find more information. 

                             The Battlefield

The battlefield has changed in character over the years and we intend to use this opportunity to return it to, as near as possible, its original state in 1746. 

Archaeologists have been working on the site for a number of years and have gained a more accurate picture of the battle. With their help we will redefine the Government and Jacobite lines.

We will introduce sympathetic interpretation and
orientation to aid understanding of the battle and the
positioning of the two armies. We will remove some of the
walls and trees that would not have been there in 1746. We
will retain the cairn which has been there since 1881.

The interpretation on the battlefield, as well as in
the centre, is being designed by Ralph Appelbaum


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