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Email:  ClanSmithSociety@comcast.net

Clan Smith Society welcomes people as members who are of Scottish or Scots-Irish Smith ancestry and their family members.

CLICK HERE FOR MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.     Just print out the membership application form page and fill it out.

CLICK HERE FOR THE GENEALOGY CHART.  Just print out the genealogy chart and fill it out as best you can.  (See explanation below.)

If you do not have a printer,   or are not able to print out the form and chart,  you can also either e-mail us, write us, or telephone us and give us your mailing address and we will send you a membership application form,  a small information brochure,  and a copy of our latest newsletter

Please fill out the genealogy form as well as the membership application form.    If you cannot fill out all of the chart,  that is all right.  many of our members cannot fill out the entire form.  So many  people know only by their family oral tradition that their ancestors were Scottish or Scots-Irish,  but not that many have their families traced all the way back to Scotland on paper.  This is one reason for the genealogy form.  We are making a database of family histories that we hope will in time help Smiths of Scottish and Scots Irish ancestry find their Scottish roots as well as their kinsmen in this country as well as in other countries.

Membership Dues are $15.00 per person per year.

Newman L. Smith
Peggy D. Smith
Clan Smith Society
680 Glades Road  Shop #2
Gatlinburg,  TN  37738
PH:  865-436-3567
e-mail:  ClanSmithSociety@comcast.net

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