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On behalf of all of Clan Smith Society we would
especially like to thank all of you who have paid your 
membership dues the past year, and we would especially
like to thank all those people who gave donations above
your membership fees to help out with games' fees,
printing and postage for the newsletter, and other expen-

We would like to thank Ruth McCleod, who has
given so generously to Clan Smith Society through the
years. Her contributions have helped greatly to make it
it possible for us to operate successfully for another year!

We thank Debbie and Mike Clark for once again
paying the games fees for the Clan Smith Society tent for the Greenville Highland Games last year.

We thank Fran Lawson for paying the fees for
our tent at the Stone Mountain games last year. 

We thank Sharon and Marilyn Culler for their
special donation which helped to pay for Grandfather

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank
Dan Smith, who has served faithfully as convener at
many, many games the past years. Without him, Clan
Smith Society could not set up at any of the games or
other events. There just are not enough words to thank
you, Dan! 

Some Special Thank-Yous

From James Graham Clyde 

Clan Smith's Newest Little Member!


2009 News from Members




We received the following article with some recent information about the 2009 Scottish Gathering. It looked quite
interesting to us and we thought that the rest of our members might be interested in contributing to the cause of planing more
trees in Scotland! You can go the website and find out more about this program.

Planting trees in Teaghlach Wood is a great way making your connection with Scotland a permanent one and at the
same time combating climate change. Trees4Scotland tell us that the support from Clan organisations and societies is
growing steadily * so keep up the good work!

Add your name or society name on the Teaghlach honours board by visiting

Laying down your Scottish roots

Member Lady sandy Smith-Distel writes: close to the end of May on lifetime television
there will be a 2 day 2 hour mini series called "Man Eater," 
I was in this film. The actress is Sarah Chalke (Roseanne
and Scrubs), and the director Tim Busfield (30 something 
and West Wing). Just keep your eye out for me. I am there.

Take care. I hope all is well with you.

You can see Lady Sandy's picture on the Clan Smith
website, so you will know who to look for in the movie!

Sandy has appeared in several movies in the past, 
and this is her latest!  Pictured below is Sandy and a horse from a western which was shot with a Russian crew!  

Lady Sandy to be in Movie!

We thought the information sent by James Clyde, who is now a member of Clan Smith Society was very interesting and that someone out there might see a connection with his line. Go to the Clan Smith website to see a great picture of Jim Clyde taken on the Isle of Skye in August 2008.

Came across your site today.... I happen to wear the
Smith Modern tartan... my gg grandfather was a William
Smith who was born 12/31/1827 in Paisley, Scotland. He
emigrated to Providence RI, worked briefly for a printer 
and then for a jeweler. He ended up owning the company,
changing the name to the William Smith Company
employing over 150 people with sales offices in NYC and
plant in Providence. His son (my g grandfather), David
Niven Smith took it over upon William's death in 1889. 
Both were presidents of the NY Jeweler's Council. The
company went bankrupt in 1911. 

His wife was Mary Niven, daughter of David Niven
and Margaret Douglas. David's parents were Hugh Niven
and Jane MacFarlane. I as yet do not know the parentage of
William Smith but would like to find out more. 
Anyway, thank you for maintaining the site! 
                                                        James Graham Clyde

Hello from Jean Winslow

We recently received this email from long-time
member Jean Winslow:
Hello dear Clan, 
How I dearly miss the 24 years I camped with you at
Grandfather Mountain. Just a bit too old and knees are not good these days. But I love you all and the new ones must take over. 
                   Jean Winslow (Ms Fitz R. Winslow)

Member Lady Sandy Smith-Distel wrote to us that
she and husband Ed Distel have a new grandson: Matthew William Distel, born March 3, 2009, weighing 5 1/2 pounds and being 17 inches long. He was born at St. Mary's Hospital, Grand Junction, Colorado. His proud parents are Travis and Christy Distel. Lady Sandy writes, "We are very excited and happy about the birth of Matthew. He is the only name sake that my husband has."

Congratulations upon the birth of the handsome
wee laddie! (You can see another picuture of him on the Photographs page.

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