2008 Report from the Coffers

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The 2007 games are over, but we had a lot of fun last year.  We started with the Gatlinburg games in May and had great weather this time with lots of sunshine and warm weather. For those members who are new to the games circuit, Gatlinburg is the annual meeting place for Clan Smith.  The games for 2008 will be May 17th and 18th with a parade and dinner on Friday night in Gatlinburg.

Our next game last year was Grandfather Mt. in July.  Always a special place to be with the big rocky mountain behind us a field full of tents in MacRea Meadows.  If you want crowds of people and lots of everything, come to Grandfather.

We next did Charleston, S. C. games in Sept.  It was Clan Smith's first time there as a Clan, but not my first visit there.  We actually didn't make any new members there or sell too much merchandise, but we at least made our presence known.  There's something about that historical site that seems to bring the past alive to you as your mind wanders back to the 1860s and you imagine what things were like then.  We haven't decided if we'll return as yet to to those games, but it's a real possibility.

October brings us the Stone Mt. Games. Another unique place as the tents are in the pine forest in a circular pattern, unlike any of the other games. We always do well there with members and merchandise and the great people we see each year there that makes us feel most welcome. I'm sure we'll be back there in 2008.

I want to thank the people who helped me out at our clan tents at the various locales: Clan Smith president, Newman Smith; Peggy Smith, secretary of Clan Smith; My wife, Marti Smith, who worked the t-shirt tent at Gatlinburg and also convened with me at Charleston;  Fran Lawson, who assisted me at Stone Mt. and is a big help to us at whatever games we do.  I want to thank Valerie Smith of the Stone Mt. Games who is a great support for the clan and works for the Stone Mt. Games.

We invite all members to come out this year and make 2008 the best year ever for our clan and spread the word that there is a real Scottish Clan Smith that is representing our name and making people aware of our importance to Scottish history.  We would love to grow this clan to one of the biggest out there so please come to as many games as you can. Most people think that we're very big with a name like Smith, but it just isn't true. It should be, many are just unaware or don't care about their heritage these days. I so appreciate those of you who stand by us just as our ancestors did in old Scotland when defending their causes over there.  Stand and be counted; raise your swords and declare: CLAN SMITH IS HERE!!!!

Your truly,
Dan MakGow Smith, FSA Scot
Treasurer Clan Smith

Dan, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you do for Clan Smith Society and for representing us so well as convener at the highland games.  Thank you!!