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2008 Annual Minutes

We met on Saturday, May 19, 2008 at the Clan Smith Society tent at the Gatlinburg games for our annual

Newman Smith, president of Clan Smith Society, opened the meeting. Peggy Smith offered the opening prayer.

Peggy read the minutes from 2007 and they were approved. We also added that long-time member, Mildred Talley is suffering from Alzheimers and needs our prayers.

Dan Smith gave the treasurer's report. He reported that we presently had $338.00. He said that we would have enough to pay for Grandfather Mountain games this year, and for the printing of the 2008 newsletters. Members Debbie and Mike Clark said that they would take care of the fees for the Greenville games. In addition, Marilyn and Sharon Culler, who were also present, gave us a generous donation to help with expenses. Dan stated that he would really like to do the Stone Mountain games, and Fran Lawson graciously stated that she would pay for the Stone Mountain games.

These wonderful contributions were greatly welcomed by all in attendance! 

Under old business we discussed that there were quite a few members who had not paid their dues for 2008, and  that money has been tight.

New business included that Peggy Smith had totally re-vamped the website.

Even though postage and printing costs have gone up a great deal, it was decided that we would continue to mail out one hard-copy newsletter a year, even though there will be more information and pictures available online on the website for members to see. Fran Lawson said that she much prefers receiving a newsletter by mail, then reading it online.

Under new business we discussed when we should stop sending a newsletter to a former member. It was suggested that we send a reminder for dues, with the bottom portion
being filled out to correctly update information about members because folks forget to contact us when they change their email addresses, many times. 

Dan stated that he continues to need help convening at the games. Several voiced how thankful we have been for Dan's being so faithful to convene at the games, and all the hard work it takes to set up and tear down a clan tent. Dan does such an excellent job in representing us, but he needs help and we need more members who will convene at games. 

We said that we would have our annual meeting in 2009 again in Gatlinburg on Saturday at 3:00 p.m.

We passed around the minutes from last year and they were accepted.

Present at the 2008 Annual meeting ere: , Debbie Clark, Mike Clark, Marilyn Culler, Sharon Culler, Fran Lawson, Dan Smith, Newman Smith, Peggy Smith.

Minutes taken by Peggy Smith, Secretary of Clan Smith Society



Pictured above are some of the members of Clan Smith Society at the Clan Smith tent at the 2008 Gatlinburg Scottish Festival and Games. Pictured from left are Mike Clark, Fran Lawson, Debbie Clark, Newman Smith, Dan Smith, Peggy Smith, Sharon Culler, and Marilyn Culler.