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We met on Saturday, May 19, 2007 at the Clan Smith Society tent at the Gatlinburg games for our annual meeting.

Newman Smith, president of Clan Smith Society, opened the meeting.  Peggy Smith offered the opening prayer. 
Our first subject of discussion was  the fact that the meeting had been moved from Grandfather Mountain to Gatlinburg.  The reason we changed the meeting place to Gatlinburg was that there have been being more of our members present at the Gatlinburg games than at the Grandfather Mountain games.  We moved the day to Saturday because we also usually have more people on Saturday than on Sunday.  Another reason was that Newman and Peggy Smith could not be at the games on Sunday due to the farewell picnic of their pastor on Sunday afternoon.   We decided to have the annual meeting again in Gatlinburg for 2008.

Dan Smith gave the treasurer's report.  At that time, after paying for games and Grandfather Mountain,  we had around $300.00.  We talked of scaling back games due to lack of funds.  We talked of the possibility of doing the Charleston games also,  which several were interested in doing.   We discussed the fact that money is tight for everyone at this time.

Old business included the fact again that money is tight for everyone.  Also we discussed the idea that the annual meeting may go back and forth between Grandfather Mountain and Gatlinburg.  Due to rising costs in postage and also the fact that it is hard to get things printed out several times a year,  that we would rely more on electronic printing of the newsletter and updating the website.  Still,  we will send out at least one newsletter to those who do not have access to Internet,  for those who want to receive a newsletter by snail mail. 

We also discussed the fact that we need more conveners.  Dan is our main convener and he does an excellent job in representing us,  but he needs help and we need more members who can be conveners.  Mark Smith discussed the possibility of being a convener at the Maryland festival.

New business included Peggy's hope to update the website on a more regular basis and to send out more announcements by email when she receives something of interest from Scotland,  or an article that might interest our members.  She said that she hopes to print more news and pictures,  plus updates to be sent out to members.  One problem is that members forget to send her their new email addresses when they change,  and they get left out when she sends out special news announcements and other updates by email.    We discussed that we would be doing Grandfather Mountain games.  Dan said that he hoped to do the Stone Mountain Games in Georgia too. 

We passed around the minutes from last year and they were accepted.

Present at the 2007 Annual meeting ere:  Dan Smith, Newman Smith, Peggy Smith, Mark Smith, Vicki Rozema, Mildred Talley, and Cynthia Anderson

2007 Annual Meeting


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