"For since the birth of time, throughout all
ages and nations,
Has the craft of the smith been held in repute
by the people."

Longfellow, Evangeline

Welcome to Clan Smith Society!

We are an organization comprised of people and their families who are of Scottish or Scots-Irish Smith ancestry. 

The name Smith comes from the metalsmiths, blacksmiths, bladesmiths, silversmiths, goldsmiths, and other workers in metal who supplied all of Scotland with swords, dirks, sgian dubhs, jewelry, spears, buckles, armour, and most anything else made of metal.

Although every clan had its smiths, the Smiths also had their own clan in old Scotland in the area around Loch Lomond.

Clan Smith was also associated with Clan Macpherson and in the old days was one of of the allied clans under Clan Chattan.

Although the Gaelic name for Smith is Gow, Gowan, or MacGowan, the anglicized form of the name has been used in Scotland since the twelfth century.  Today Smith is the most common name in Scotland.

The purpose of Clan Smith Society, Inc., is to perpetuate Scottish traditions and cultural heritages in the United States, and in perpetuating Scottish traditions and customs, to foster the happy relationship existing between Scotland and the United Sates and to promote Clan sentiment and social intercourse among its members.







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Photograph of Clan Smith Society members and report from the 
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